Piped gas not only offers a much-needed solution to traditional cylinders but it can also offer substantial savings too.

Dramatically Reduce Your Gas Bill, How?

The gas is supplied in larger cylinders which are more cost-effective. You will also be renting far fewer cylinders and will, therefore, be saving on delivery charges.

Gas is supplied in larger cylinders at a lower cost. For instance; the following costings are based on BOC’s list prices as at 04/01/: One ‘J’ size oxygen cylinder contains 6,800 litres, the equivalent of ten ‘E’ size cylinders. The gas in a ‘J’ size costs £11.20, an ‘E’ size is £4.60; a saving of £34.80. Refill just twice a month, that’s £835.20 a year.

If you currently have four deliveries per month at £32 per delivery, you can reduce this to just one, which would give you a saving of £96 every month. That's £1152.00 a year!

Of course, these are approximations, costs vary between gas suppliers and are subject to change. We would be happy to calculate your savings if you can provide us with your usage and costings data for the last few months.

Health, Safety & Hygiene


The cylinders will be located outside of the building, in a central store accessible by your gas delivery driver. Your staff will not have to manhandle heavy cylinders throughout the building, eliminating the various risks this can pose.

There is a reduced fire risk as large volumes of gas are not kept in different locations. In the event of a fire, the fire brigade is unlikely to enter a building containing gas cylinders.

It also improves hygiene, keeping unsterile gas bottles out of your sterile working environments

Space Saving


Fewer larger capacity cylinders will be used, occupying less floor space.

Wall mounted anaesthetic machines can also be used, eliminating the need for bulky mobile systems that take up a substantial amount of the limited space in your theatre.

(Please Note: After a piped gas installation there could be some making good such as touching up paintwork, sealing around pipe work wall penetrations and re-plastering. It is your responsibility, as the client, to arrange these works as it is not covered as part of the Burtons installation).

Burtons Active Gas Scavenging Systems

Active gas scavenging provides the most reliable method of waste gas extraction from your practice.

When considering who's AGS system to choose, remember that AGSS is for yours and your staffs' safety, not the patients. Our AGSS design is the same standard as found in human hospitals, assuring your safety.

We will design, build, install and maintain an active gas scavenging system that is tailored to your unique needs and working environment. Whether you are upgrading an existing practice or planning a new veterinary centre, we are here to help you to comply with practice standards and health and safety legislation.

Comprehensive Service. Design - Build - Install


We don’t just install the pipework and walk away, ours is a comprehensive installation. We can advise you if your anaesthetic machines are compatible with piped gases and can modify them on site, if required. We include the supply and installation of air brakes, needed if you have an active gas scavenging system, and our crew will work with you to ensure things go smoothly. For those circumstances where supply only is required, we offer a commissioning service to check your installer has carried out the work correctly. All in all, when we leave site, your piped gas system is up and running, there is no reliance on third parties to provide equipment or labour to bring it all together!

Why Choose Burtons Piped Gas & AGSS?

We have been a major supplier to the veterinary profession since 1981, for over 30 years we have installed piped medical gas systems, tailored specifically to the unique requirements of veterinary practices, which are distinctly different to those of human medical installations. Because we know how practices operate, we know what works and what doesn’t, saving you from finding out the hard way.

Medically de-greased copper pipe is used for all medical gases from the cylinder store to every outlet in your practice. The size of the pipe will ensure that any pressure loss, due to the length of the run and high flow rate is minimal. We supply and fit all necessary elbows, tees and securing fixtures.

Piped gas not only offers a much-needed solution to traditional cylinders but it can also offer substantial savings too