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Examion X-DR Portable Case M WiFi TH

The ultimate in portable equine digital radiography

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The X-DR Portable Case M WIFI is the all-inclusive, portable and fully digital x-ray solution for your equine digital radiography.

A real 2 component, fully wireless, portable equine DR solution.

Supplied in one compact rugged case complete with a 10x12” lightweight AED DR panel, plus a shockproof protection box with telescopic distance holder and a robust capture Ultrabook laptop.

The specially developed X-AQS “horse mode” permits a rapid start-up and ready to shoot, with images displayed in less than 2 secs, while providing superior image quality for today’s high standards in precise equine diagnosis.

Key Features

• Rugged case made to military grade to protect the DR panel and Ultrabook
• Insulated to protect panel from temperature fluctuations
• Best suited for mixed and equine veterinary practice
• Full 10x12in imaging area
• Wireless connectivity direct to touchscreen Ultrabook PC
• Lightweight at under 1.6Kg for improved mobility around the horse
• Rapid start up
• Images displayed in under 4 secs
• Immediate Retakes with ‘Remote Control’ unit
• Gyro-sensor for correct image orientation every time
• Innovative AED (Automatic Exposure Detection) technology
• Powered by Examion X-AQS PACS

The Examion X-DR M Wireless DR solution from Burtons represents the pinnacle in cable-free DR solutions for equine use.

DR systems are rapid, easy to use, and provide high-quality images. The problem surrounding their use in the stable is the number of cables that can be associated with them. One to connect the laptop/PC to the mains, a data cable to connect the DR panel to the capture system, and then a cable to connect the generator to the mains. The need for a mains outlet, plus 2 or 3 cables in the vicinity of a flighty horse can make using DR a nightmare.

With the Examion X-DR fully wireless solution, you no longer need to worry about cables. The battery-powered plate transmits image data to the capture station via encrypted wireless technology removing one cable from the stable floor.

The capture station and all the ancillary components in their rugged case are powered by a high-capacity battery which removes the second cable from the stable floor. When used with a battery powered portable generator, the final cable is removed. Of course the laptop case, and generator can be plugged into a mains outlet to preserve battery life, or allow completion of an examination when the battery becomes exhausted. We supply 2 batteries for the DR panel so with one in use, and the second charging, you should have enough battery life to provide around 400-500 images.

With a rugged case, being lightweight and having a rapid start-up, you have an easy to use system for all situations. It’s ease of setup, configuration and use, combined with rapid image acquisition mean you can divert more attention to the horse, and to obtaining well-positioned radiographs. The system will do the hard work for you, and provide you with the highest quality images currently achievable.

Examion have invested heavily in providing industry-leading data processing algorithms specific to the equine sector. They endeavor to provide the veterinarian with the highest quality images, using the lowest radiation dose, across the entire range of radiographic examinations of the horse. Making full use of the panel capture technology in the DR1012, all of this can be achieved when using a portable type generator.

The advantage of these advances means that the full range of examinations can now take place at the client site, leading to a potentially faster diagnosis, and earlier treatment. Examion are always continuing their development in this field, which will lead to further improvements to their already superb image quality.


Sensor type Single A-Si TFT + photodiode plate
Scintillator CsI
External dimensions (L x W x H) 327.5 x 267.5 x 15.6 mm
Weight 1.58 kg
Pixel matrix 1920 x 1560 pixel
Pixel pitch 148 µm
Active area 24 cm x 30 cm (10'' x 12")
A/D conversion 16 bit
Spatial resolution 4 lp/mm
Preview time / X-ray image time 1 s / < 6 s
Number of images / Exposure every 20 sec. > 1000 images
Power supply input 12 ± 10 % V DC
Auto trigger AED mode
Maximal drop height 70 cm
Weight limit Uniform load: 150kg over the whole area of the detector surface
Local load: 100kg on an area 80 mm in diameter
Environmental conditions Storage and transport conditions
Temperature range: -10°C ~ +55°C
Humidity (non-condensing): 5% ~ 95% RH
Pressure (air pressure): 50 kPa ~110 kPa 

Operating conditions
Temperature range: +10°C ~ +35°C
Humidity (non-condensing) 20% ~ 80% RH
Pressure (air pressure): 70 kPa ~110 kPa
Battery life Battery type: Lithium-Ionen
Battery charging time: < 4 h
Battery life during operation: > 5 h
Battery life in standby status: > 10 h
Capture console, consisting of Ultrabook 15,6", X-AQS-PACS software (controls detector, image acquisition and optimization, DICOM Send/Store, DICOM Worklist).


2 Transport-Solutions

High-tech carrying case
Dimensions (L x W x H) 50.8 x 37.3 x 14.7 cm
Certifications ATA Specification 300 - Packaging of Airline Supplies - Category I
Material Lightweight strong HPX@ Resin, watertight, dustproof
Total weight, fully equipped < 8 kg 
More Information
More Information
Animal Mixed
SKU 146-391
Brand Examion
System Type Mobile - Case
Wifi Full Wifi
Sintillator CsI
A.E.D. Compatible Yes
Computer Type Laptop

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