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HD Laparoscopes

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5mm Laparoscope - 0' degree - END-429-67300
List price: £2,154.20 Web price: £2,154.20
5mm Laparoscope - 30' degree - END-429-68300
List price: £2,405.45 Web price: £2,405.45
10mm HD Laparoscope - 0' degree - END-429-60050
List price: £2,539.00 Web price: £2,539.00
HD Laparoscopes

HD Laparoscopes

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MGB LAPALUX Telescopes -

Guarantee the surgeon a better three-dimensional orientation of the surgical field through the visualisation of shade.

Manufactured using high-grade stainless steel and guaranteed autoclavability at 134 degrees C.

273 E Unique design utilising two light bundles for improved image quality.