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Starled 3


Cold Light

LEDs produce a light beam without infrared rays (IR) and therefore without heat; this cold light will not alter or change neither the target temperature nor that on the surgeons’ head.

White Light

Thanks to the new LED light technology we have been able to produce an unparalleled quality of light with a colour temperature (CCT) of 4.900 °K, comparable to that of natural sunlight and a colour rendering index (CRI) of 95. Unlike conventional bulbs it is also possible to adjust brightness without altering light emission features.


The lamp is controlled by microprocessors and a new I-sense control panel which grants an extremely simple and ergonomic way of regulating and visualising light intensity, ENDO function  as well as the selection of the three lights forming it. Based on the needs, it can be used with one, two or three of its lights.

The ENDO function

Grants an ambient light thanks to light beams coming from the upper part of the lamp allowing the regulation of light levels particularly fit for the  preparation, assistance and monitor of the patient during the intervention and microscope surgery

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