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Mini-Lack Anaesthetic Breathing System

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“You’ll never want to use a ‘T’ Piece again!”

Mini-Lack Anaesthetic Breathing System

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Mini-Lack Anaesthetic Breathing System

“You’ll never want to use a ‘T’ Piece again!”

• No bag twist hazard

• Very low resistance

• Easy to clean smooth bore tubing

• Typically third the flowrate of a ‘T’ piece!

• Bodyweight range 1-10kg

• Saves gas, saves agent

• The safer alternative

A study carried out by the Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, Cambridge University, that compared the Mini-Lack and Modified Ayres T Piece, concluded ‘the Mini-Lack could be used at much lower fresh gas flow rates without compromising the cardiovascular or respiratory systems. Reference: C M Walsh and P M Taylor

A clinical evaluation of a Mini-Lack breathing system in cats: comparison with a Modified Ayres T Piece.

What can be achieved:

The following is an example that highlights the efficiency of a Mini-Lack Breathing System.

The use of a capnograph enabled the anaesthetist to reduce the flowrate to the optimum level that ensured CO2 rebreathing did not occur.

• Patient: 3kg domestic cat

• Procedure: Spey

• Maintenance Flowrate: 400ml

• Vaporiser Setting: 1.5% Halothane

• Respiration Rate: 13 per minute


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