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Piped Gas & AGSS Systems
Medical Grade Copper Piping | Advanced Safety Features | Bespoke Designs | Comprehensive Service

 We have been a major supplier to the veterinary profession since 1981, for over 30 years we have installed piped medical gas systems, tailored specifically to the unique requirements of veterinary practices, which are distinctly different to those of human medical installations. Because we know how practices operate, we know what works and what doesn’t, saving you from finding out the hard way. Medically de-greased copper pipe is used for all medical gases from the cylinder store to every outlet in your practice. The size of the pipe will ensure that any pressure loss, due to the length of the run and high flow rate is minimal. We supply and fit all necessary elbows, tees and securing fixtures. Piped gas not only offers a much-needed solution to traditional cylinders but it can also offer substantial savings too.

How does it work?

A Burtons Piped gas system allows you to pipe Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide and Medical air into your practice from bulk gas bottles that are kept externally. (Oxygen can also be provided by large oxygen concentrators). It can also be used to exhaust anaesthetic gases from your practice when an active gas scavenging system is added. 

The gas runs from the cylinders/ oxygen concentrators to the outlets throughout your practice via a copper pipeline system that can be hidden within false ceilings and columns. These outlets are normally located in theatre, x-ray, prep, dental, and recovery, but can be located wherever you require them. The outlets come in many forms including wall mounted, within service columns, hanging in ceiling-mounted pendants (ideal for op areas) and even within cage banks. Your anaesthesia and oxygen delivery equipment can be plugged directly into these outlets. 
This means that the large cylinders are kept externally or out of the way in a room that has an external wall and access to outside. These need to be replaced a lot less frequently and can be simply delivered to the cylinder store. Removing the need for your staff to be manoeuvring heavy cylinders around the practice and dramatically reducing fire risks and improving staff safety. We can install a cylinder store in an existing outbuilding you may have, or we can provide a purpose-built cylinder store for you.

We don’t just provide the system, our in-house, experienced installation teams will install the system and our Burtons Service Team will organise any routine maintenance plans that need to be in place. Ensuring not just complete practice safety, but also preserving the life of your system.

Start with a free site survey, where we can run through your requirements: wall outlet locations, gas types required, cylinder store locations etc to provide you with the best possible solution for your practice.

'We are delighted with the system which has been installed, the installation team and servicing team were fantastic, accommodating our needs and continuing to support us with the system following installation"
- Anouska Rogers Smith - Wear Referrals

Medical-Grade Copper Piping - Fitted with medical-grade copper piping: setting the gold standard in veterinary piped gas systems.

Safety Features - Advanced safety measures ensuring optimal staff protection.
Bespoke Designs - Designed & fitted to your practice’s unique requirements.
Comprehensive Service - Comprehensive Design, Installation, and Fitting all by Burtons.

Want to learn more about the process? Find out how to get started in our buyers guide >>>

piped gas cylinderspipework run wall mounted machine

Dramatically reduce your gas bill, how?
The gas is supplied in larger cylinders which are more cost effective. You will also be renting far fewer cylinders and will, therefore, be saving on delivery charges. Gas is supplied in larger cylinders at a lower cost. We can calculate your savings for you, give us a call on 01622 834300. 

Health, Safety & Hygiene
Our system includes all of the key safety features of any standard piped gas installation, including: cylinders located outside of the building or in a designated room with external access that is accessible by your gas delivery driver meaning your staff will not have to manhandle heavy cylinders throughout the building and reduced fire risk as large volumes of gas are not kept in different locations, but Burtons piped gas systems go a step further, fully fitted with medical copper piping using strict medical standards as guidance, plus additional safety features included with each system, for optimal staff safety. 
Read more about these safety features in our blog 'The Safety Feature Hidden in Practice Ceilings'

Active Gas Scavenging Systems
Active gas scavenging provides the most reliable method of waste gas extraction from your practice. Our AGSS design is the same standard as found in human hospitals, assuring your safety. We will design, build, install and maintain an active gas scavenging system that is tailored to your unique needs and working environment. Whether you are upgrading an existing practice or planning a new veterinary centre, we are here to help you to comply with practice standards and health and safety legislation. 


Other features to consider...
Cylinder Store
We can install an external galvanised cylinder store if your practice does not already have an appropriate storage room.
Gas Controls - Regulators are included with the system to reduce cylinder content pressure to the appropriate working pressure. 
Outlets - We offer a choice of surface-mounted wall outlets or flexible ceiling pendants. Surface mounted outlets are similar in appearance to a household electrical fitting.
Anaesthetic Machines - Your anaesthesia apparatus may require modification or replacement for use with piped gases. We can carry out modifications during the main installation.
Air Breaks - Each anaesthetic machine will additionally require an air break for use with the AGSS. The air break eliminates any induced flow from the patient circuit.
Low-pressure warning device - This is fixed in line with the oxygen pipeline and will emit an audible warning if the line pressure falls below 30psi. Removes the need to leave the building to isolate the gas supply when it is not in use.


I want to add this to an existing practice, will it cause a lot of downtime? 
We understand that this is often a concern, our project manager and installation team will work with you to make sure the work is carried out at the best possible time for you. Your practice can remain open whilst we do most of the work by us working on sections at a time, ensuring disruption is kept to a minimum.

Does it entirely remove the need for cylinders inside our pratice?
Whilst our systems will vastly reduce the amounnt of cylinders required, you will still require a backup cylinder if you are using an oxygen concentrator, this is in case of power outages or downtime for concentrator maintenance and servicing.

Do we need to have an external cylinder store pre-built by someone before you install?
No, we can provide this and will run through the options upon the first site survey.

How much does it cost?
Unfortunately, every single system we install is unique. However, we can provide a free, no-obligation quote.