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Reduce Your Gas Bills By Up To 90% With Our Oxygen Concentrators


Our Oxy-Gen range of O2 concentrators provide unlimited oxygen 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by extracting the oxygen from ambient air and producing a constant flow of medical grade oxygen. Burtons concentrators are available as a mobile unit, which can be added to anaesthetic machines, or as a large piped gas system to provide oxygen for your entire practice. We can design the perfect solution to meet your practice needs.

"It would be madness for any sizeable practice not to install one. We were spending sround £8000 per year on bottled gas, almost 90% of which was oxygen. Our annual cost for medical gases has now dropped to around £800 per year!"



Or Make Your Entire Practice Oxygen Ready With Our Piped Gas System


 Piped gas not only offers a much needed solution to traditional cylinders in practices but it also offers substantial savings too
Designed to last
From the tank assemblies to the oxygen-clean brass tubing and valves, these units have been built to last. The molecular sieve – Zeolite, which separates the oxygen from the air is regenerative and should not need to be replaced for the life of the unit under normal operating conditions. 
Dramatically reduce your bills Oxygen is free.
Eliminate the unnecessary costs of routine transportation and rental of numerous cylinders. The system can supply up to 30 litres a minute, substantially lowering your practice operating costs. Mobile & Standalone concentrators produce 10 Litres per minute - That's the same volume of oxygen in an 'E' size cylinder for just 10p! 
Protect your staff & your practice
The cylinders will be located outside of the building in a central store, accessible by your delivery driver. Your staff will not need to manhandle heavy cylinders throughout the building, eliminating the various risks this can pose 
External Store
Save valuable space inside your practice with one of our external stores, made specifically for the Burtons range of Oxygen concentrators. Available in two sizes, the lockable, weatherproof and robust store is made out of industrial grade steel, protecting your investment outside. 
Space Saving
Wall mounted anaesthetic machines can be used, getting rid of bulky mobile systems that take up a substantial amount of the limited space in your theatre

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For every quotation, we will provide you with high quality CAD drawings of the proposed layout, and once you’ve placed your order, you can be confident that it will be installed by our experienced, courteous and reliable team of skilled fitters.

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