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SCAV Safe, It's As Easy As 1...2...3

 Waste Gas Monitoring - New Customer Offer!

Just £50 - Lab Analysis Free! Call us today on 01622 834350
* for new customers only & includes badge analysis
* for isoflurane and sevoflurane only
SCAV Safe is a simple and easy waste gas monitoring process that measures waste gas vapours within the workplace enviroment, ensuring staff safety,
and giving you peace of mind that your practice is compliant with RCVS Standards. Simply order your badge tin, wear the clip on badge as
instructed in the manual provided, return the badge & wait for your results!

Our annual service agreement will even ensure that the badges are sent out when the monitoring is next due, making sure it cannot be forgotten!

Stay Safe With Burtons Scav Safe 

As part of the royal college veterinary standard, practice compliance of the monitoring of anaesthesia pollutants is vital for the health and safety of your staff. Therefore, we want to make this key step in your anaesthesia servicing, as straight forward as possible.

Step 1: Anaesthesia Equipment Service / Step 2: Patient Circuit Inspections / Step 3: Active or Passive Scavenging System Servicing / Step 4: Waste Gas Monitoring

Burtons Badges

Our badges are based on the principle of passive diffusion to monitor isoflurane and sevoflurane levels within operating areas.The badges should be worn for an 8 hour continous period , and, once completed, a collection can be arranged to return back to the Burtons head office.They will then be analysed in a lab, which takes arounf 14 days.

It is litrally as simple as 1...2....3

Whether its product advice, arranging a on-site demonstration or tracking an existing order. If you need any help, please contact us or send us an email and one of our expert team will be happy to help.

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