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Vetronic Lightning Multi-Parameter Monitor with Software included

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With options to include ECG, CO2 , Agent, Pulse- Oximetry, IBP, NIBP, Temperature, and optional wireless output, the Lightning monitor delivers full monitoring performance in a robust, compact unit.

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    £1,117.94 £931.62


    A multi-parameter monitor built for all species. The Lightning is endlessly adaptable, growing with your practice for years to come.

    With options that include ECG, CO2 , Agent, Pulse- Oximetry, IBP, NIBP and Temperature, the Vetronic Lightning monitor delivers full monitoring performance in a robust, compact unit.

    The Lightning is designed to suit your practice needs now and grow along with them, with the ability to be retrofitted with extra parameters as, and when, you require them. If cost is an issue, you can select the basic parameters you require right now, and then purchase additional parameters as it becomes financially sensible to do so. And you do not need to worry about this weighing your exceptionally light and portable monitor down. These parameters are all internal fittings, which we will fit for you in-house. Most of the standard parameters do not require extra plug-in hardware.

    Free, in-depth software.

    The Lightning software is not only extremely advanced in its capabilities, but it is also completely free, along with any future advancements or software updates, and it can be simply installed on any existing practice PC.

    What does the software include?

    The software consists of Vital Monitor and Vital Store. Vital Monitor is your live view of your patients’ parameters. Which is completely customisable depending on how you like to work. Unlimited pre-sets allow each member of staff to have the screen set up to their individual preferences at the click of a button.

    • Specific parameters can be made larger than others.
    • Parameters can be added or removed.
    • The trace colours can be changed.
    • A trend line and live data are always visible to better understand the patient.
    • In the instance of a drastic change in a parameter reading, you can log an event to go back and look at afterwards. This is particularly helpful for ECG readings, giving you time to treat the distressed patient, whilst still knowing you can refer to what was happening at that moment. This supplies you with invaluable data for a reduced time frame for diagnosis.
    • Includes all the standard settings that most multi-parameters now have, like standard patient pre-sets.
    • The alarm volume can be adjusted.
    • The approach alarm – this is an extra alarm that can be activated. This ‘approach’ alarm changes the colours on the screen to signify that a parameter is nearing being out of range. Allowing you to be more proactive with your care, starting to bring those parameters back into range before the alarm goes off.
    • Connect to a PC through a cable or use the wireless module to view the live data on a large screen. The cable can be up to 15m long, and the Wi-Fi will travel up to 40m from the monitor, enabling you to view the patient’s vitals from a different room.
    • When using the wireless module, up to 8 patients can be monitored simultaneously, which is ideal for large hospitals.
    • Automatic anaesthetic monitoring charts – these do not take away from the manual charts that are logged by the vet nurse, but they can be sent directly to the patient record, provide a backup copy, and ensure complete accuracy. The Lightning monitor will run these charts automatically.

    The other included software program, Vital Store, does exactly what it says on the tin, plus a whole lot more. This is the storage and retrieval system for Vital Store data collected from your patients. It allows you to store records and quickly recall them for review and analysis. It also allows you to quickly access patient information from any device connected to the software, giving you complete control over your patients' records. You can save and analyse the data in various ways.

    • USB stick (ECG ONLY) is supplied with the monitor for direct download. This can then be imported into the software on your PC.
    • Save directly to your PC or via your practice server. This not only makes it easy for you to add any data to your patients' records but also to share this data for referrals.
    • Export traces to a PDF to attach to emails or send them directly via email with a software download file so they can view and use the software to assess the data you have sent across.

    This software gives you a full diagnostic quality evaluation of your monitoring data. Enabling you to do things such as:

    • Bookmark events that you did not get a chance to log at the time.
    • Take measurements of traces and compare traces against one another.
    • Analyse up to 96 hours of recorded data
    • Post-capture filtering - removing ECG interference for more accurate data.
    • ECG review feature allows full measurement of the ECG waveform, along with mean heart rate and VVTi calculations.
    • Complete record versatility allows you to add extra information once already recorded, edit information, log events, and highlight any important pieces of data.

    Patient Specialisms – A monitor built for all animals.

    The Lightning is designed by veterinarians for veterinarians, making it unique in its field. Its flexibility allows the Lightning to be used in a variety of clinical situations and environments.

    • For Heart rates from 6bpm to 600bpm – ideal for even the smallest of patients, such as birds, and up to the larger patients with lower bpm.
    • Pulse ox ranges from just 18bpm to 450bpm.
    • The Lightning also offers Sidestream micro-sampling at just 50ml/pm, which is the lowest vet sampling rate for monitoring very small animals, all the way down to just 250g.
    • A dual-channel invasive blood pressure module allows simultaneous monitoring of arterial and venous lines.
    • The dual-channel temperature module provides two temperature values, as well as the difference.


    Key Features:

    • 6-inch colour touchscreen
    • Portable, battery-powered unit
    • Lightning weighs just 1.4kg when fully fitted
    • Supports the following modules: ECG, Pulse-Oximetry, Capnography, Agent, NIBP, IBP, Temperature, v Wireless, USB stick
    • Single channel or six-lead ECG module option
    • ECG noise suppression filter
    • Fully diagnostic ECG with supporting software
    • Single or dual-channel IBP available
    • Dual-channel temperature as standard
    • 50ml per minute microsampling sidestream rate
    • PC connection via USB cable or wireless
    • Full data recording
    • Suitable for general practice and research
    • Comes with a full PC software suite for monitoring and recording all your data
    • Designed and manufactured in the UK


    The Lightning comes supplied with everything you need to use the unit out of the box, including (depending on modules requested):

    • 1 x EN-AC-FG-A022 Transit Aluminium Equipment Flight Case
    • 1 x Lightning “Quick Guide”
    • 1 x CD with files
    • 1 x VS0450 USB Stick
    • 1 x ESA24-09-01 Vetronic Medical Devices Mains Charger 9v
    • 1 x VS0130 USB 2.0 A Male to B Male Cable, 2m
    ECG Module:

    1 x VS0075 Single-lead ECG cable 2m with x3 modified crocodile clips
    1 x VS0076 6-Lead ECG Cable 2m with x4 modified crocodile clips
    Temperature Module:
    2 x W0001B Adult reusable Eosophogeal/ rectal probe (YSI-400)
    1 x VS0045 Mini-temp probe - flexible
    1 x VS0046 Mini-temp probe - rigid
    2 x AV18848 3.5mm Jack Socket to 6.5mm plug extension cable

    Pulse-ox Module:

    1 x VS0080 Pulse Ox Extension cable
    1 x 2000SL Nonin Pulse Ox Probe - Lingual
    1 x 2000T Nonin Pulse ox probe - reflectance

    IBP Module:

    1 x VS0081 IBP Extension Cable 
    2 x DPT200 Invasive Blood Pressure Transducer
    2 x VS0081 IBP Extension Cable 3M
    2 x DPT200 Invasive Blood Pressure Transducer 
    1 x VS0335 Dual Channel IBP 2-1 Adaptor

    NIBP Module:

    1 x VS0056 x5 Veterinary Blood Pressure Cuffs (sizes 1,2,3,4,5) 
    1 x VS0085 Black NIBP Extension Hose 3m

    VS0057 Gas Analyser Sampling Kit, Including:

    1 x VS0055 5 pack ET connectors: 2.5,3.0,3.5,4.0,5.0
    1 x 1948 Straight Connector 15M - 6mm swivel stem -15F
    2 x 108210 ISA Nomoline Sampling Line with male Luer Lock

    VS0058 Gas Analyser Waste Kit, Including:

    1 x 1963 Straight Connector 22M - 6mm OD Stem and Cap - 22F
    1 x 1965 Straight Connector 22M - 6mm OD Stem and Cap - 22M
    1 x 2732 Respiratory gas monitoring line, 1.2mm ID, male/male luer lock

    Wireless Module:

    1 x USB Wireless data terminal
    1 x CS20957 USB 2.0 A Male to Mini B Male Lead, 20cm Black

    General Specifications:


    ECG Module:


    Pulse-Oximetry Module


    Gas Monitoring Module


    Invasive Blood Pressure Module


    Dual Temperature Module


    NIBP Module


    Useful Videos:

    Introduction to the Lightning Multi-Parameter Monitor

    More Information
    More Information
    Animal Mixed
    Brand Vetronic Services Ltd
    Catagory Sub Heading Configure Your Modules
    Monitor Parameters C0², ECG, Heart Rate, IBP, Multi-Parameter, NIBP, Oxygen, Sp0², Temperature
    Screen Type Full Colour, Touchscreen
    Power Source Battery, Mains, Rechargable
    Optional Modules Yes

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