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Vetronic SAV04 Small Animal Ventilator

The Vetronic SAV04 ventilator. For safe, simple, pressure cycled ventilation of small animals up to 12kg in weight

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Safe, simple, pressure cycled ventilation for small domestic animals up to 12kg in weight


The SAV04 incorporates a host of features for improved control of IPPV


The SAV04 is an enhanced version of the long-standing SAV03 ventilator and uses the same principles of simple, pressure-cycled ventilation.

In the redevelopment of the ventilator, features have been added to improve patient control and to improve ventilation status feedback. For example, there is now an automatic over-pressure alarm that will sound if the target pressure is exceeded by 8cm. There is also an alarm if the patient becomes disconnected from the ventilator, or if no back-pressure is detected during the inspiratory phase.

These alarms are designed to be informative and are accompanied by explanatory text on the main screen. In addition, an audible beep is produced on every successful breath. Both this beep and the alarm beeps can be individually silenced if required. There is a new valve design to accompany the new ventilator and this has two major benefits.

Firstly, the valve can be automatically zeroed on any other SAV04 machine allowing valves to be swapped or replaced easily.

Secondly, a larger orifice in the exit port of the valve means the port can now support larger animals. The 12mm diameter exit orifice will now allow unrestricted expiration in animals up to 40kg.

It must be remembered the principle of operation is still based around a T-piece, so proportionately higher fresh gas flow rates will be required. However, with the advent of oxygen generators, running such a system on 8-10L is feasible for short-term or emergency use. The new display now provides more information to the user. A central rising bar graph shows the pressure in the patient’s airway, enabling quick assessments to be made on system and/or ET tube leaks. Each inspiratory period is now measured and displayed on the screen as is the measured respiratory rate.

The SAV04 provides a simple, yet safe, way to ventilate your smaller, most vulnerable patients.


Helpful Links & Videos:

Introduction to the SAV04 Ventilator

Update your Vital Monitor software to the latest version

Demonstration of the SAV04

SAV04 Function Test

SAV04 Leak Test


Key features:

  • Incorporating alerts and alarms for ventilation status
    • Patient disconnect
    • Over-pressure
    • Apnoea
    • Valve disconnect or failure
  • Measurement of inspiratory time and respiratory rate
  • Uses the same VitalMonitor Software as all Vetronic monitors, making it easy to use them together for live data viewing and patient records
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Select-and-commit entry to prevent false changes
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Compact, rugged unit
  • Internal battery for portable/mobile use
  • Clear, bright visual display
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK


Box Includes:

  • Aluminium Flight case
  • Vetronic Medical Devices Mains Charger 9v
  • Operating Manual
  • Quick guide
  • Information sheet “Using the low dead space kit”
  • CD with files
  • Extension Tubing Kit
  • Low Dead Space Kit
  • Connection Tubing Kit for SAV04


Technical Specification:


Overall dimensions: 170mm x 170mm x 95mm
Weight: 1.2kg
Construction: Anodised aluminium case with rubber end protectors



Supply voltage: 9volt DC, 2amp universal input charger
Power consumption: 15 watts
Rear panel fuse rating: 2 amps



Intended use: Domestic animals 10g up to 12kg in weight (up to 40kg with high flow rates)
Anaesthetic apparatus configuration: T-piece with fresh gas and anaesthetic agent in a non-rebreathing circuit
Mode of operation: IPPV by outlet occlusion. Pressure-cycled/pressure limited device
Preset trigger range: 1-60 centimetres water pressure
Resolution: 1 centimentres water pressure
Expiratory phase range: 0.1 to 60 seconds
Respiratory rate range: 1 to 120 breaths/minute (depending on inspiratory fresh gas flow rate)



Q: Do I need a source of pressurised gas to run SAV04?
A: The SAV04 is not a bag-in-a-bottle ventilator and so does not need a separate pressurised gas supply to run. Only the normal fresh gas flow for the patient is required.

Q: What size of animals can be ventilated by the SAV04?
A: The lower weight limit is around 30g but will vary depending on species and the required breathing rate. The upper weight limit is 12kg when fitted with our standard stainless steel valve. When fitted with our optional plastic valve animals up to 40kg can be ventilated but these do require very high gas flow rates (6-10L/min) on this type of ventilator. We recommend that this upper weight range is only used with emergencies or where the wastage of gas is acceptable, such as when running from an oxygen concentrator.

Q: Are there any alarms on the SAV04 to indicate any problems?
A: Yes. The SAV04 has a few basic alarms for the following conditions: Valve Disconnect, Low Battery, No Breath, Overpressure, Offset Error for when calibration is needed.

Q: Can I set the Inspiratory time on the SAV04?
A: No. It is not possible to set the inspiratory time on any pressure-cycled ventilator as the end of inspiration is controlled by pressure not time. The Inspiratory time is determined by the incoming Fresh Gas Fow (FGF) rate from the anaesthetic machine.

Q: Can I set the Expiratory time on the SAV04?
A: Yes. The Expiratory time can be set for any time from 0.1 seconds to 60 seconds.

Q: What control features does the SAV04 provide for ventilation?
A: The SAV04 is a simple pressure-cycled ventilator designed for simplicity. The user can set the following: Maximum Inspiratory Pressure and Expiratory Time. With the additional control over inspiratory time via FGF, this gives control over breathing rate and depth of breathing.

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