Finding the right anaesthetic machine for you and your practice

Good to know .. 

Typically your gases will be supplied through a piped gas system, concentrator or cylinders. All of our anaesthetic machines will work with either set up.

Mobile or wall mounted?

If you have piped gases most practices prefer to use wall mounted options as it maximizes floor space. Wall mounted anaesthetic machines have the added advantage of being easily moved and mounted between different locations. Mobile anaesthetic machines have on board cylinder storage, for when a piped gas option is not available. They can be easily wheeled between locations in the practice and can be supplied with on board oxygen concentrators.

Does your practice use N2O?

Most of our anaesthetic machines are available with N20 options.

What else should you look out for?

• Anaesthetic machines come in all shapes and sizes, some offer monitor shelves and even a drawer for storage.

• Oxygen concentrators save the need for expensive cylinder deliveries, rentals and the manual handling of heavy cylinders. See Page 23 for more information.

• Flow control – Graduated rotameters offer higher accuracy at low flow rates compared to standard flow meters

• Alarms - Most machines will have the option to add an oxygen alarm at the time of purchase

How can I Find out more?

If you would like to find out more and discuss possibilities for your practice, contact one of our expert team on 01622 834300 who will be happy to talk you through our range and discuss the best fit for your practice. Alternatively, all our Anaesthetic systems are available to compare here.

All our systems are available from a no obligation free demonstration, Just call us to discuss!