Once you have decided which model of light to purchase, the next important action is to decide what length of pole is required. To work out the length of the pole you need to decide where the light is going to be fixed and figure out what type of ceiling you have.  

Do you have a fixed or floating ceiling? 

A floating ceiling normally has a grid and floating tiles, this type will not support the weight of a ceiling light and therefore the light needs to be fitted to the fixed ceiling in the void above, meaning a longer pole length will be required. 

A solid ceiling is normally easier to figure out, although if it is plasterboard, is there a baton to secure the light onto?

Helpful tip: When requested, we can send over the fitting guide so you can forward this to your electrician prior to installation.

How do I measure the height? 

Once you have determined the type of ceiling you have, you will now be able to measure your floor-to-ceiling height or floor-to-fixing point height if you have a false/floating ceiling.

If you do have a false ceiling, it is important to know the size of the void as the vertical pole of the light must be long enough to protrude below the false ceiling.

Some lights have a height range stated in the description but for DR MACH lights you can work out what you need with the below information:

For a solid ceiling (A) you simply need to measure the floor-to-ceiling height, and minus 240cm for MACHLED 130 Lights, or 230cm for MACHLED 150 Lights from this measurement. This will provide you with the pole length you need.

For example: if you are purchasing a MACH 130 and your floor-to-ceiling measurement is 300cm. Minus the 240cm as stated above and you will be left with a ceiling pole length of 60cm.

You will require extra information for false ceilings, you will need the floor-to-ceiling measurement (A) like above AND the height of the floor-to-false ceiling (B). If your false ceiling is 250cm and the void measures at 50cm, this equals a total height of 300cm, minus 240cm if you are purchasing a MACHLED 130 light, then you will need a pole length of 60cm.

The type of ceiling the light is being fixed to needs to be confirmed so that the suitable ceiling anchor rings, load spreading plates or void spaces can be supplied as necessary.

For MACHLED 150 ceiling lights, you will require an anchor ring no matter the ceiling type, due to this range being heavier than the 130s.

If your calculations mean that your pole length ends up between 2 standard lengths, it is always recommended that you choose the shorter pole as the last thing your staff will want to do is dodge a ceiling pole which is a little too long!

In rooms with very low ceilings, it may not be possible to ceiling mount a light, in which case we recommended our range of wall or mobile lights.

If in doubt, always speak to our sales team, who will be happy to assist you over the phone or can arrange a site visit if needed.