The Mini-Lack is an ideal alternative breathing system to the traditional Modified Ayres T Piece and is intended for use with spontaneously breathing small animals.

A key safety feature of the Mini-Lack is that the exhaust valve is located back at your anaesthetic machine, well away from the patient.

This has always been a serious cause for concern with the Modified Ayres T Piece since the scavenging connector on the bag can twist with potentially fatal results. The Mini-Lack has a very low resistance exhaust valve which combined with the use of smooth bore autoclavable patient tubing will not
compromise the patients breathing.

The Mini-Lack is also an extremely efficient and economical breathing system to use with flow rates as low as 1/3 that of the Modified Ayres T Piece, saving you gas and expensive volatile agent as well as reducing atmospheric pollution. A study carried out by the Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, Cambridge University, that compared the Mini-Lack and Modified Ayres T Piece, concluded that the Mini-Lack could be used at much lower fresh gas flow rates without compromising the cardiovascular or respiratory systems**.

**Reference: C.M Walsh and P.M. Taylor - A clinical evaluation of a Mini-
Lack breathing system in cats: comparison math a Modified Ayres T Piece

Read the full study here: