The below guide will focus on the key features of the Burtons tub table range and the benefits they can bring to your day-to-day practice.

Made by Burtons in the UK – all tubs are made from high-quality stainless steel.
We use 304-grade stainless steel due to its excellent corrosion resistance value. It can withstand corrosion from most oxidising acids, which makes it not only long-lasting but also incredibly easy to sanitise. Therefore, it is the ideal material for clinical settings.

Unit Materials
Our actual tub table units are finished in two options of materials, stainless steel or ‘designer white’ laminate.

Removable long-length grills
All our tub tables now come with a long-length grill as standard. Shorter grills, although allowing you more access to the basin whilst in use, are likely to move when a patient is on them. This can make the procedure a lot trickier, and you can end up with the patient falling into the tub due to the large gap.

Some of our tub tables offer much-needed storage. This can be in the form of a cupboard only, or cupboards and drawers. The plus side to having the extra spacious drawers is that the cupboard can often be half taken up by tap pipework, depending on how you install your tub table. So, the drawers provide you with the extra storage space that you may lose.

Knee space
All our tub tables come with a knee space, allowing you to sit and work on your patient in a more accessible, comfortable position. Our premium laminate table offers a comfort angle, to make this positioning even more comfortable for those long procedures.

Tub depth
All tubs come with a standard tub depth of 13cm, except for our twin-depth tub table which is 48cm deep!

Left or right-handed
All tub tables come right-handed as standard, with the option to change to left-handed upon installation. This is easier on some tables compared to others, for example on the square-end laminate tub table you simply choose which side to put your cupboard door handles on, but on the stainless-steel tub, some tools will be required to lift and turn the top to the other orientation. No matter how the adaption works, all of them can be changed at installation.

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