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Understanding the key features and benefits of Burtons Anaesthesia Machine range and the benefits they bring to your day-to-day practice.

Made by Burtons in the UK – All of our anaesthesia means are designed, and built at our headquarters, here in the UK. This enables us not only to adapt machines based on specific requirements and improve them based on feedback, but also to reduce our carbon footprint, with incredibly low product mileage.

Free Commissioning – We offer free commissioning on all Burtons anaesthesia machines. A Burtons engineer will be in touch promptly after your order has been processed to schedule a time and date for them to visit your practice that is convenient for you. Your vaporiser will be fitted, your machine will be calibrated and tested, and your concentrator will be fitted if needed. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have about machine usage. It is important to note that we do not attach machine brackets to walls or perform any construction work.

Safety O2 flush – All our anaesthesia machines come with an emergency O2 flush as standard. We see this as a vital safety mechanism during any anaesthetic procedure. When used, it bypasses the vaporiser, providing 100% oxygen to a patient in an emergency. This is ideal when you need to remove the anaesthetic agent from the patient quickly. If you are using an oxygen concentrator, the flush is connected to your backup cylinder, providing a much quicker burst of oxygen than a concentrator can provide.

Used with all Burtons Circuits – All of our anaesthesia machines are compatible with all Burtons anaesthesia circuits.

Backbar size – the style and size of the backbar dictates how many vaporisers you can fit on one machine at any one time. This can be useful if your practice still uses Sevoflurane for some procedures, but Isoflurane for others, saving you from taking vaporisers on and off your machine. Of course, if you only have space for 1 x vaporiser and need to switch over, our quick-release vaporiser fitting kits make this much easier.

Concentrator-ready and rapid gas supply switchover – Our concentrator-ready machines vary depending on whether they are concentrator-ready as standard or as an additional extra. Some Burtons machines that come concentrator-ready, will have the facility to hold the concentrator, keeping it within the same footprint as the machine and making it easier to move around. This is a key feature of our Adaptable machines.

All our concentrator-ready machines come with a rapid gas supply switchover. This means that to switch between gas supplies (cylinder and concentrator ) you simply flip a switch on the back of your anaesthesia machine. In the event of power or concentrator failure, you do not have to spend time plugging in cylinders. You can switch over instantly.
Materials – Choose between our machines that are made completely from high-grade stainless steel or WCB (Waterproof construction board). Some of our more budget-friendly machines will have elements of our high-grade stainless steel mixed with other materials.

Materials – Choose between machines that are made completely from long lasting, high-grade stainless steel or WCB (Waterproof construction board). Some of our more budget-friendly machines will have elements of our high-grade stainless steel mixed with other materials. 

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Vetanette Anaesthesia Trolley
Solitaire Mobile Anaesthesia Trolley
Anaesthesia Patient Trolley
Adaptable 2 Anaesthesia Machine
Adaptable Anaesthesia Machine

Wall Mounted

Rail Mounted Anaesthesia Machine
Solitaire Wall Mounted Anaesthesia Machine
Burtons Wall Mounted Anaesthesia Machine